Children and family ministry focus

Mission-focused learning – in community

Thanks to a creative partnership between Church Mission Society and Frontier Youth Trust, pioneer children and family workers can join a unique learning programme that combines the best of CMS’s experience of pioneering mission and ministry and FYT’s experience of working with young people on the margins.

The Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission can be focused towards children and family work by choosing the modules which are outlined below.

These are taught over two years. Most students complete four in the first year and two in the second. Each module is generally taught over a series of seven days in Oxford. The days run from 10.30am to 4pm to give students time to travel. There are two weekends incorporated to visit and learn from  mission practice..

The resulting award is a Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission through Durham University as part of the Common Awards.


Introduction to the Bible (Level 4)

An overview of the purpose, context and content of the Old and New Testaments, becoming familiar with approaches to biblical study and considering how to engage biblical texts in mission and ministry.

Introduction to church history (Level 4)

An overview of church history and its social, cultural and political context, helping you to see how history might have shaped your practice and experience.

Foundations for theology and reflective practice (Level 4)

An introduction to contextual theology, principles and methods of reflection, and their place in mission and practice.

Pastoral care, ethics and ministry (Level 4)

An introduction to key issues in both pastoral care and ethics, giving you the tools and theological framework to approach pastoral situations, as well as the space to reflect on your own views and experiences.

Mission and evangelism (Level 4)

Puts the Bible in conversation with culture to help us gain greater understanding about our own practice of mission, looks at historical trends and current approaches to engaging with and witnessing to the world around us, along with practical engagement in mission.

Foundations for reflective practice in context (Level 4)

This module joins up with a placement in order to allow you to reflect on your own work in practice, and gives you a context to implement your learning from other modules.

Spirituality and discipleship (Level 4)

Explores different approaches to discipleship, considering various Christian spiritual practices and biblical models for prayer and engaging practically with these in your own life.

Values, policy and practice: children and family work (Level 4)

A foundation course in ministry with children and families, including context, professional standards (including legal frameworks), principles and values involved, and the opportunity to reflect on practices and principles in this area of ministry.

Basic playwork skills in children’s work practice (Level 4)

An introduction to good practice in relationships with children and families, and to explore the principles and processes involved in using and leading play in your children’s work practice.