Dangerous Women

Andrea Campanale is interviewed here as part of a series of dangerous women. I love this idea and theme and it’s a great interview – the last paragraph is a wonderful response to being asked about thoughts on Christian women being dangerous

It never ceases to amaze me how leaders can be so selective about the portions of scripture that are taught and the way the difficult or interesting bits can be glossed over so we lose their radical edge! I have been reading a book called ‘My own worst enemy’ by Janet Davis and she uses the stories of women in the Bible to highlight how much power we have if we don’t constantly run ourselves down. What is so brilliant is that many of these women defied the law and were commended by God for their faith! For example Tamar (Gen 38:11-27), the wise woman of Able (2 Sam:13-22) or the woman Jesus healed of haemorrhaging (Luke 8:40-48). We are dangerous when we challenge the injustice of the status quo because there will always be those who are doing very well out of it. However, the Kingdom of God requires us to turn upside down the power structures of the world so that the last become first (Matt 20:16) and we demonstrate God’s fairness in the face of corrupt and rebellious systems of control. I like to think by partnering with Christ in places of alternative spirituality I am dangerous to the powers of darkness. But I am also being a provocation to the church to be unafraid of mission in potentially hostile environments and to embrace disciples who will reshape the way we think, worship and live together in Christian community.

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  1. Thank you for this. I am currently doing a piece on women priests in the Bible, starting with Miriam and ending with Mary Magdelaine, all powerful and dangerous women who shook the status quo. I find it very encouraging to look at the models we have been given and understand what God may be saying that has something for us today. I think your piece is a very helpful contribution to the debate

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