South Central Regional Training Partnership Hub

Paul Bradbury, pioneer hub coordinator for the South Central Regional Training Partnership

The South Central Regional Training Partnership (SCRTP) was formed in 2004 in response to the recommendation of the Hind report that all dioceses, with their ecumenical neighbours and local theological training institutions, should form into and work together in geographical training partnerships.

The original partners were the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church, and the Anglican Dioceses of Guildford, Oxford, Portsmouth, Salisbury and Winchester. The Diocese of Bath and Wells became a partner in 2013. The URC is no longer a full partner but maintains close links with the SCRTP.

In 2011 the SCRTP, working with Church Mission Society (CMS), developed a Pioneer Hub, focused around a nine-hour-a-week pioneer hub facilitator role based with CMS. This role has significantly contributed to the development of pioneer ministry in the South Central Region and has grown a network of pioneers throughout the South of England.

To date the role of the pioneer hub facilitator has largely focused on working with pioneers themselves but has also raised awareness and understanding of pioneer ministry across the region and enabled collaboration and the sharing of good practice. When the role began very few partner churches and dioceses had developed approaches to working with and supporting pioneers. This situation has gradually changed and is continuing to change with encouraging new strategic developments. The region now has a flourishing pioneer hub which orbits around CMS in Oxford.

A new pioneer hub coordinator role was announced in 2016 to continue to develop the hub, with the focus shifting to also include supporting strategic developments through offering a consultative type of support and through enabling collaboration and the sharing of wisdom across partner churches and dioceses. The role continues to be based at CMS.

Hub newsletter

A termly newsletter with info, resources and events for pioneers across the south of England.

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