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How’s your Venn diagram?

As well as running the pioneer training at CMS we’re keen to join in the wider conversation about mission through publishing ideas in books, articles and journals where we can or where we are invited. One

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true north – talk from w@nder konferenz

here is a video of the talk jonny and susann gave at the w@nder konferenz in hannover. it’s a reflection on the pioneer gift and what might help that gift flourish. i was bening translated simultaneously so

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“My call is…” Sue Steer

Pioneer community worker Sue has been called to grow community in a brand new development – that hasn’t even been built yet! Sue Steer is a graduate of Church Mission Society’s Pioneer Mission Leadership Training and

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Bring It Down

MA student Gav Mart has released an album this week together with poet Martin Daws. Bring It Down is available here!

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