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Immersed into diversity

Southall is one of the most diverse areas of London, one of the most diverse and tolerant cities of the world. As part of the Mission and Evangelism module, first year students with CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training

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The Same God

The opening liturgy from the pioneer graduation celebration (by Steve leach): The same God who spoke in to darkness, ‘let there be light’, The same God who was with Noah and his family in the flood,

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40 temptations – a resource for lent

Ian Adams has produced another amazing resource – 40 temptations. It’s a downloadable pdf booklet with 40 reflections which combine poetry, photography and mediation. They are profound, really profound. This booklet began its gestation last year as

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Falling between the cracks

First year Luke Larner has an opinion [tempting to end the sentence there 😉 ] piece on the fresh expressions web site falling between the cracks. Go and read and leave a comment.

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Reimagining church with young people

Steve Leach has an article in this month’s Youthwork magazine on reimagining church with young people. Steve is a pioneer in Winchester training with us at CMS. I loved it – really great provocative piece…

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Missio Africanus – new journal

I was blown away when I read the first issue of a new journal Missio Africanus this morning. It’s available free online as a download and the articles are so interesting. And don’t think it’s only

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