Future Present kickstarter campaign goes live

futurepresent marketing images.indd

Future Present is a full colour zine that seeks to imagine a different kind of world. It was sparked by the pioneer conversations day in 2016 where we invited people to take an area of life , imagine a different future and think about how to act now to make that world arrive in the present.

The material didn’t seem to suit a normal book format so we ended up going down a route of a full colour zine and decided to partner with proost to publish it and to run a kickstarter campaign to fund the print run through pre-orders!

The simplest pledge is only £10 which preorders you a copy of the full colour zine. Or there are some fairly sweet deals for 10 copies which you might like to think about especially if you are outside the UK. It’s our first kickstarter campaign at cms pioneer so looking forward to the next 30 days to see what happens.

Go visit the future present kickstarter page here

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