May 11th – The ninefold path with Mark Scandrette

ninefold path


We’re excited that Mark Scandrette is going to do a day in May in London on the Ninefold path of Jesus – this is his take on the beattitudes as the basis for a spirituality in today’s world. It’s at Home cafe in Earlsfield on may 11th and costs £25 including lunch.

It will be a great place to reconnect with other pioneers and meet others in the Starfish network

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What if the Beatitudes contain the keys to our liberation— a nine statement manifesto of a new way of thinking and being that can change our lives and our world?

During this one day training we will explore the revolutionary invitation of the Beatitudes, including group learning and exercises, periods of silent reflection and space to relax, recharge, connect and have fun. Participants will come away equipped with tools and resources to lead a Ninefold Path Beatitudes journey with others.

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