Dreams become real – two in a month in fact!

What a great month! I have been at two launches of amazing projects that we have had the fun of being part of their journey in different ways. Last night was at the opening of Home Community Café in Earlsfield. It was such a joyful celebration. Meg brought this idea to Make Good, our missional entrepreneurship module, 3 years ago. So it was wonderful to see this dream realised and it will be a great hub for community gathering and transformation I am sure.

That was actually the same week that Clean For Good was brought as an idea by Miriam Goodacre. That is an ethical cleaning company treating cleaners with dignity and paying them the London living wage. It’s official launch was this month and is now trading and looking for contracts if you are in London. Read more here. That caught media attention and Cathers, the director, was on Channel 4 news this week and it was featured in the Guardian too.

I love Gerald Arbuckle’s phrase for pioneers as ‘dreamers who do’. These are both dreams but it takes a dreamer who does to make the dream happen and a whole lot of work and team around it.

We run Make Good in November and April each year so if you have an idea to work up come along – it’s an amazing week.

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