Anger Passion Talent

Kaospilot in Denmark is an innovation school that looks wonderful! They have been a source of inspiration for me ever since I bumped into some students at a youth ministry conference I was speaking at in Denmark many years ago.

They seem to have an open source policy and will be putting up materials on to their web space. You’ve got to hunt around a bit to find things but I suspect it’s a bit of a treasure trove. Anyway I unearthed a gem that I have begun to use in conversation in the pub, with my family over a meal and probably lots of other places. I think I noticed it because of the reflecting we have been doing in the mission spirituality module on the course.

I think it would be easy to dive straight in to this course with pioneers who are generally activists and think how can we make stuff happen and help them make stuff happen. But we’ve resisted that and our first two modules have been much more about who we are and how we reflect on that and who God is in relation to us and the world rather than what we do. In mission spirituality, Johnny Sertin who leads it has been getting us all to focus on who we are and what our unique contribution is to the world and out of that to write a mission statement. It’s really hard to do but also been quite an important and powerful thing to focus on.

Anyway the gem I uncovered is a pdf booklet called life purpose by Neil Crofts who is a life coach. If you go to the kaospilot online library and scroll down it’s the section titled what is my purpose. In it he suggests you draw three circles – anger, passion and talent. In each write 5 to 8 words of things in the world that make you angry, things you are passionate about and talents you have. Then distill those down to one word or phrase. Weave together those things into a purpose or mission statement. It sounds the simplest thing in the world but it has blown me away just how powerful a tool it is.

We did this round the meal table with family at the start of the year and it was incredibly moving. I won’t share all their statements here though you can see what I came up with through this process:

I connect with and inspire creative leaders who don’t fit in, to help them be true to who they are and to do amazing things.

So I guess setting up and leading this course is a pretty neat place for me to be right now! At least I hope so 🙂

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