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Embrace the still small voice inside – interview with Libby Hawkness-Smith

Helen Harwood meets Libby Hawness-Smith, third year diploma student with Pioneer Mission Leadership Training at Church Mission Society. HH: Tell me a bit about your past life, before CMS, and how you are here with us in year 3 of your

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An unexpected turn of events – interview with Nicki Colyer

Helen Harwood talks to Nicki Colyer, second year student with CMS Pi8oneer Mission Leadership Training HH: You are someone close to my heart because my first experience of overseas mission was in Belgium, short term, and I know you worked

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Mark Scandrette is coming to town…

I am really pleased that we have managed to find a way to coincide with Mark Scandrette being in the UK so that he can come and hang out in Oxford and share some of his wisdom. I have known

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Conversations Day conversations

Helen Harwood in conversation with some of the people who joined us for our Research conversations day and Harry and Chris evening event on 8 November: Penny Stradling (finishing her postgraduate Diploma with us), Matthew Wrathall (joining us for some

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