2014 student intake

Andrea Campanale :

Andrea Campanale

Andrea Campanale has been pioneering amongst spiritual seekers for 15 years having started doing outreach at Kingston Green Fair and then creating Sacred Space Kingston, a missional project and fresh expression of church in 2012 “imaginatively exploring spirituality”. More recently Andrea has led the Dekhomai team at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Olympia and regularly trains people around the country to do mission in similar environments. She has worked with the Faith Advisor at Kingston University and was on the chaplaincy team at the YMCA London South West and, more recently, is a regular at the Surrey Steam Punk Convivial. In addition, Andrea runs the Pioneer Ministry Certificate for Cliff College and is employed by CMS to teach, support and network pioneers through an expanding number of hubs and the Starfish Network.  She has written on reframing the gospel around the issue of shame in the book ‘The Pioneer Gift’ and mission as dialogue in ‘Missional Conversations’. She has edited a couple of issues of the missional journal, Anvil, one on mission to the spiritual but not religious and another on pioneering on estates and new housing developments.

Heather Johnstone :

Heather Johnstone

I am a CMS mission partner in training and preparing to work in Tanzania. I will be managing the Rehema Project which is a social enterprise working with vulnerable women and children living in crisis. I am taking some modules as part of my preparation.

Tim Jones :

Tim Jones

I have recently been appointed assistant youth pastor of St Paul’s church in Cheltenham. Based in the heart of St Paul’s estate our community life is shaped by our immediate context. With a background in Philosophy and Theology at university, therefore, I look forward to seeing through my thinking into effective and reflective practice in my newfound ministry.

Stacey Egan :

Stacey Egan

Hi, I am a mother of one amazing daughter. I am a hairdresser who is exploring how my trade and fresh expression of church looks like. I get very excited exploring life and where Jesus is leading.

Rachel Young :

Rachel Young

I live in Bournemouth. Graduated from CYM at Ridley Hall at Cambridge. Passionate about students coming to the true realisation of who God is and His love/truth for them. Run club nights called TRANSCEND at a town centre nightclub called HALO and community evenings which include dance, music, conversation, spoken words.

Nick Hall :

Nick Hall

Nick has always had a passion for those at the margins. He lives in community, is a social worker, and is part of Woodlands church in Bristol.

Natalie Roberts :

Natalie Roberts

Natalie is married with two daughters and lives in a village in rural West Berkshire. She is helping the church explore opportunities that naturally arise in village life for mission.

Mark Davis :

Mark Davis

I am a youth worker based in Belfast with a passion for urban areas and working at how we do ministry in context.

Luke Larner :

Luke Larner

I live a short ride away near Luton. My weekends are often spent in a chaplaincy work among outlaw motorcycle clubs, and I assist my wife Jeni in her work reaching out to women affected by sexual exploitation. We are in the process of setting up a ‘Rest-Stop For Ragamuffins’ where we can dig deeper into faith questions with the friends we meet on the road. Check out my blog.

Libby Hawkness-Smith :

Libby Hawkness-Smith

An English teacher by profession, I’m passionate about helping others to come to a fuller realisation of themselves, their calling and their relationship with God. I’m particularly interested in people on the fringes of society, whether due to language difficulties, disabilities, or the influence of certain life choices.

Levy Santana :

Levy Santana

After training at St Mellitus College in London, I was ordained in 2013. I am a curate in the High Wycombe team, leading the Valley Network, a missional community reaching you adults in High Wycombe. I am married to Debora and we have a son, Nicolas. Hospitality, community and worship are a big part of our lives.

Joy Ryan :

Joy Ryan

I am a leader of a prayer missional movement in Malawi called For Such A Time As This Malawi. I live in Northern Ireland which I call home and share my love for prayer and worship across the body of Christ though I worship in the Church of Ireland. I have a passion for people to release their creativity through the arts, coordinate the Alpha course in Malawi and have a passion for discipleship.

Janice Hamilton :

Janice Hamilton

I’m married to Ewen and have two children, both of whom have recently left home which has allowed this wonderful opportunity to return to study. I live near Chepstow and worship in a rural parish church on the outskirts of town and the Forest of Dean. For the past ten years I’ve served as a youth & children’s minister but I’m now following a call to become an Ordained Pioneer Minister. Alongside training at CMS I serve as a community minister following God-given opportunities to love and serve those who otherwise have no connection with the established church.

Ian Whitley :

Ian Whitley

I am married to Kat who keeps me grounded and have a wonderful nine-year-old son Oscar. After spending 30 years in the metropolitan police last April on retiring I became the parish missioner at All Saints Church, Western Green. I have a passion for everything local and finding a way of kicking down the walls of the church.

Gavin Mart :

Gavin Mart

Having completed the foundation degree with CMS Gavin is now doing the MA. He is a singer songwriter and mixed media artist from Conwy North Wales. He is currently working as a Venture FX Pioneer for the Methodist Church in the Conwy area. Gavin always finds himself to be on the edge of church and beyond, where his faith can creatively engage with contemporary culture through innovation and imagination.

Finlay Wood :

Finlay Wood

I am a Free Church prison chaplain. Born and raised in Africa. Passionate about mission and justice. I am married with four spectacular kids and living in south-east London. I am willing to imagine something different and be part of the solution for a new kind of faith inspired by Jesus.

Dot Gosling :

Dot Gosling

I now live in North Wales and was licensed as Pioneer priest on 30 September working specifically with children, families and young people. Prior to that I was senior lecturer in Christian Youth Work at University of Chester and chaplain to the university. Passionate about people finding a relationship with God that is their own relationship and not one that is mine. Love, hope and holy living are my ‘words’.

Debbie Nicholls :

Debbie Nicholls

Debbie is a community pioneer in Bedfordshire. She has been involved in youth work but is building on that to pioneer in other ways in the community.

Dave Martin :

Dave Martin

Dave is an ordinand in the Church in Wales. He lives in deep rural – i.e. not just rural but where there are more sheep than people and you travel a long way to meet anyone. He is exploring ministry in that context.

Claire Elwood :

Claire Elwood

Hi! I am someone who has embraced her God-given creativity in the unleashing of acrylic paints. One husband, three kids which is the right way round. Thoroughly enjoying getting lost in theology.

Rebekah Sutcliffe :

Rebekah Sutcliffe

Rebekah is a youth minister in Mill End Baptist Church and taking some modules to help her reflect on mission and theology.

Meg Fry :

Meg Fry

I am in no particular order, an artist, mother, activist, wife and general out of the box kind of girl. I love where I live and imagining how to love a place through hospitality and friendship.

Jon Roberts :

Jon Roberts

I am a third year ordinand at Ripon College Cuddesdon. I spent the first two years doing the BA in theology at Oxford and am now doing some pioneer training at CMS. My passions are for social, economic and environmental justice and combining that with new, exciting, contemporary and yet catholic way of doing church.

Hannah Wareham :

Hannah Wareham

I am a dancer. I can dance but it is also a metaphor for my life. When I dance I am alive, I am free, I am unfurled. My passion is to teach others to “dance”, to discover themselves without reserve or inhibition. My dancing composes my internal life and outreach to a beautiful fragile world. With every opportunity I dare to stamp out injustice and bring the dawn of tomorrow.

Hannah Burnham :

Hannah Burnham

Hannah lives in Oxford and works for Church Mission Society in the Fundraising for Mission team. Inspired by the stories of pioneers learning at CMS, she is taking a module to explore what her own mission context might be.

Gillian Gamble :

Gillian Gamble

I am a second year ordinand at Cuddesdon studying MA in Ministry at Oxford Brookes. I am originally from Northern Ireland but have been in England or nine years. I am passionate about churches getting more involved in their local community and shaping the gospel in new ways.

Ban Kautzer :

Ban Kautzer

Is an ordinand studying on the Master of Theology course at Cuddesdon. Originally from sunny California, I have made England home and am looking forward to taking some new perspective into the heart of the parish ministry through doing some modules.

Anne Henriksen :

Anne Henriksen

Anne is the pioneer course administrator and is doing a module to find out what it’s like but also she is exploring her own sense of vocation in relation to mission.

Elsbeth Priestley :

Elsbeth Priestley

Elsbeth is doing a year with CMS and is taking some pioneer module as part of the year.

Harvey Kwiyani :

Harvey Kwiyani

Harvey is a mission partner with CMS developing cross cultural mission training with Birmingham Christian College, CMS Pioneers and the African churches in Britain. He attended the missional entrepreneurship week.

Jonathan Self :

Jonathan Self

I am an editor, photographer and community builder, with CMS for the past seven years and slowly working towards my dream of building a residential arts community. I love to network and organise community events – and connecting people, my biggest passion.

Miriam Goodacre :

Miriam Goodacre

Having won the Greenbelt dragons' den Miriam attended the missional entrepreneurship week to work up a social enterprise for cleaners in the city of London.

Edmund Abekhe :

Edmund Abekhe

Edmund is a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God on their new pioneer programme and joined the CMS pioneers for the missional entrepreneurship week.

Sam Sayer :

Sam Sayer

Based in Bristol Sam attended the missional entrepreneurship week to develop an idea for a social enterprise working with asylum seekers.

Ste Jackson :

Ste Jackson

Ste works in the Meadows in Nottingham and attended the missional entrepreneurship week. The church he is part of have converted their interior into a soft play space and are exploring how to make the most of the connections this has opened up with the local community.

Gabriel Diya :

Gabriel Diya

Gabriel is a pastor in London with the Redeemed Christian Church of God on their new pioneer programme and joined the CMS pioneers for the missional entrepreneurship week.

Ashley Hurley :

Ashley Hurley

Ashley is executive director of a foundation in Houston and attended the missional entrepreneurship week to work out how better to support start ups and also to be a dragon in the dragons den!

Joseph Omoragbon :

Joseph Omoragbon

Joseph is a pastor in South Shields with the Redeemed Christian Church of God on their new pioneer programme and joined the CMS pioneers for the missional entrepreneurship week.

Tony Joyce :

Tony Joyce

Tony joined the missional entrepreneurship week to develop his idea of taking families away for affordable holidays.

Alice Wheatley :

Alice Wheatley

Alice joined the missional entrepreneurship course to work up an idea for empowering young women. The idea is to engage Year 11 girls on a five-week programme where they can design a dress for prom, which will then be affordable for them.

Andy Weeds :

Andy Weeds

In the last 12 years I have been building bridges into isolated communities in Wiltshire so I find out what God is doing and join in. We have established connections in three very different communities. I am also looking to start something that will help underachieving boys realise their potential.

Cathy Wheatley :

Cathy Wheatley

Cathy joined the missional entrepreneurship course to work up an idea with Alice (above) for empowering young women. The idea is to engage Year 11 girls on a five-week programme where they can design a dress for prom, which will then be affordable for them.

Damien Hursey :

Damien Hursey

Attended missional entrepreneurship week to reflect on B1, a fresh expression of church in Birmingham.

Michael Hodson :

Michael Hodson

Attended missional entrepreneurship week.

Naomi Gordon :

Naomi Gordon

I’m Naomi Gordon, an artist living and working in Sheffield. I spend my time exploring new Christ-centred community with art at the heart.

Nigel Pope :

Nigel Pope

Nigel was visiting Derby diocese from Calcutta and able to join the week with his family to explore the idea of developing a friends centre linked to Calcutta Cathedral.

Sam Hardwick :

Sam Hardwick

Attended missional entrepreneurship week.

Sarah Hewitt :

Sarah Hewitt

Sarah Hewitt is a missioner in Evesham working with six Anglican churches.

Susie Baker :

Susie Baker

Susie attended missional entrepreneurship to work up the idea for One:retreat – a fully catered, weekend residential course, that will equip couples with the tools they need to realise each other’s full potential. It will be a light-hearted and informative weekend for all types of couple, which challenges the utopian myth that we can survive in isolation and that ‘everything is fine’…until the divorce papers are filed.

Zoe Kuisis :

Zoe Kuisis

Zoe works for CMS and attended missional entrepreneurship to develop ideas for the CMS shop and enterprise.

Sarah Woolsey :

Sarah Woolsey

Attended missional entrepreneurship week.

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