Pioneer open day Tuesday 12 June


Last week was busy for our pioneer team. We again invited prospective students in to hear about the course. It’s always great to meet people in person, listen to their stories and find out how God is leading them.

We were really pleased to have two visitors with us from a seminary in Seoul Diocese, Korea. CMS has a special relationship with Seoul Diocese and their visit was a pleasure. They’ve encountered various places engaging in pioneering mission in Birmingham and London, found out about missional communities. One attended the Make Good course run at Cliff College (our first in the North of England). Both were pleased to be at CMS.

We’re looking for a Pioneer volunteer, and a possible recruit also joined us for the day.

We had classes in, as usual Certificate and Diploma on Monday and MA on Tuesday.

The ink is barely dry on the participants’ list for last week’s open day and already my mind is on the next here at CMS, our final for this academic year.

On 12 June we will again open the doors and welcome in those who are considering a course, a Certificate, (offered for completion in a year) – perhaps choosing the option to focus on Youth, or Children and Family work, or on Pioneering Mission; maybe a diploma (which can now be completed in two years) or a BA or MA, usually completed in three years.

Our prices are so competitive we are sometimes asked if our complete MA fee is actually an annual fee!

Aside from the good value for money, many students talk of finding a home here, of feeling able to express themselves, and learn in an environment that feels suited to them as pioneers.

If any of this sounds like we are talking your language, please get in touch. Open days are lively, informative and free to attend.

Please direct questions/bookings to me, Helen Harwood, on

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